Transparency for a healthy market

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The produce sector is fragmented. The market is insufficiently transparent and the pricing process is not clear. Renewal is needed, as well as clarity. That is why the Best of Four cooperative growers association has developed a digital marketplace: Heldere Handel.

Produce supply and demand come together in this trade platform. Openly and transparently. Trading houses and growers meet online. Term-based and daily offerings are sold based on pricing, bidding or auction. A module for administrative procedures and invoicing makes it possible to settle transactions directly.

Distinctive products, honest prices

Quality should be rewarded. That is why every batch is unique in Heldere Handel. Suppliers can include specifications with a lot (batch). This makes the digital marketplace a platform for distinctive products, one that features openness on quality and offers room for free market dynamics, as well as honest pricing.

Collaboration in the chain

Best of Four focuses on collaboration in the chain. That is why Heldere Handel is accessible to all trading houses and growers associations and their individual members. We prioritise customer demand and jointly work towards a healthy market.


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